Privatpraxis Prof. Dr. Jens Kaden - Internist, Kardiologe in Mannheim


Time has become a treasured but also rare commodity in our modern health care systems. Long waits for treatment or even for a doctor's appointment are the rule rather than the exception. At Professor Kaden's office, we would like to offer you a different approach: state-of-the-art medical management and competence, advanced technology and individual care in a most pleasant atmosphere — without any time pressure, right in the heart of bustling Mannheim.

Prof. Dr. med. Jens Kaden
Internist · Cardiologist
Private Practice for Cardiovascular Disorders
Sports medicine · Preventive medicine

O 6, 9 · 68161 Mannheim (map)
Phone 0621 / 2 22 00
Fax 0621 / 86 25 10 20